The Boy Who Waited  •Janiel•

The Boy Who Waited •Janiel•

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JanielsTouch By JanielsTouch Updated May 23

Joey Graceffa has waited a long time to find his true love. But because of waiting, he went through depression and he felt alone all the time. His mother was an alcoholic and his father didn't accept his sexuality. His sister was didn't live with them, so he had no one. But one day, Joey notices a brunette hair, tall boy that has transferred to his school. 

Daniel Christopher Preda practically looked like a angel to Joey, but he was one of the popular kids, also selfish and could be a complete asshole at times. Joey acted like he hated him, like everyone else, but deep down Joey wanted him badly. 

Joey got himself noticed by Daniel, but in doing so, he opened himself to a new world, with Daniel.

jpanese jpanese Sep 18
when u ship #tracob but u keeping it cool so u read it anyway
I would love it, but I'm a Troyler shipper for life, so Tronnor turned me away. Xx sorry, writings great tho
Am I the only one that felt doctor who vibes from the title? ..... just me lol