Hold You Like I'm Going To Lose You (Septiplier)

Hold You Like I'm Going To Lose You (Septiplier)

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Rewrite of Save Me.

Jack's been through shit.

For about 4 years, he'd been abused by his boyfriend, Ace. It was complete hell, until finally Ace goes too far and lands Jack in the hospital.

When Mark and Felix decide to go to Ireland to help him, they get caught in the whirlwind of hurt Jack's been sucked into his whole life.

After many speed bumps, phoning friends, and amnesia, Jack's finally perfectly free of Ace.

Meaning he's agreed to go with Mark to LA to get help from his friend that definitely wants to be more.
Jack does too, but Mark's not as ok as he seems.

After the hectic life he'd spent in Ireland with Jack and their friends, he's back to falling into a depression he hasn't been in for half a year.

Can these two ever be happy?

Can they ever love each other the way they want to?

[Warnings for abuse, rape, semi-consensual, self harm, a suicide attempt, and almost graphic descriptions. Might have some consensual sexy times in there too, and if I do, they'll be between Jack and Mark and will be much more detailed than anything Ace did. *slightly waggles eyebrows* Also fluff. Because they definitely need fucking fluff >:(]

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iFlyOnWings iFlyOnWings Jul 31, 2016
KaiPoo KaiPoo Jan 21, 2016
I haven't finished the original book and this totally spoiled it.. CANCER? JACK? NOOOO
MaDHannah MaDHannah Dec 24, 2015
SO PUMPED!! Last story was SOO amazing I can't wait for what you have in store
emily_septic_eye emily_septic_eye Dec 23, 2015
This story definitely needs more views and such because it's amazing. Update as soon as possible, but take your time if you need it. (:
blonde_beauty18 blonde_beauty18 Dec 17, 2015
Please do not cut this one off at the end 😂
                              Me and my friend were reading it together and when we saw that you didn't finish it, we were so so sad. But we are reading this one ^-^
                              And we are very excited
pistolthealien pistolthealien Dec 14, 2015
YAS!!! I hope in this version the stomach cancer part doesnt happen and it's all new. So instead of  the stomach cancer and Jack losing his memory, it should be the other thing were he's having a baby.