Been That Way (Kelly Oubre sequel)

Been That Way (Kelly Oubre sequel)

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(Sequel to Mystery Over History)

~ I wanna know how we became so distant girl
The way we fell in love it was almost instant~

Just a few lyrics to describe how the 'perfect' relationships of the three couples are going.

Cari and Kelly are on their last thread, and their friends are right behind them. Every couple seems to be unraveling for all of their different reasons and they're all being careless and inconsiderate.

With all the hearts being broken, and everyone still trying to maintain their careers along with their young children, see who can sew their relationships back together. And see who can't take all the secrets that are spilling left and right. Cause whether they're just now finding out or knew all along, please believe it's Been That Way.


Song : Been That Way // Bryson Tiller
Cover : @callmequeenki

Completed June 27, 2016