Check Mate #Wattys

Check Mate #Wattys

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Sarah Tran By Bookscomefirst Updated Nov 27, 2016

"Running away from me is like a game to me, Princess." my heart beat frantically in my chest with his words getting closer to my hiding spot.

I held my breath while closing my eyes trying to block what was going on around me. Feeling cold mist start to form unto my skin from the dense woods my skin gave away to goosebumps making me shiver.

"You smell so exotic. How I would love to mark you now, making you mine, Princess. And only mine." I heard even closer, his dark voice trailing into my ears as a small whimper escaped out of my mouth.

I pressed my back into the sharp bark of the tree that I had made into my hiding spot knowingly at any moment he would find me.

"Check mate." I heard before I looked up to meet a pair of dark forest green orbs. Knowingly his wolf was taking charge and he had his sights on one thing and one thing only, me.

WARNING: Strong language & sexual scenes will be written. Be advised. 18+

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chaimaa-taylor chaimaa-taylor Sep 04, 2017
never mind cauz ideas is what matter here , we are not getting lessons of grammar hahahh , any way i enjoyed it full tnks  :)
the-solar-queen the-solar-queen Oct 15, 2017
Indeed, it was a historic laugh 😂 you meant hysterically by the way ;)
chaimaa-taylor chaimaa-taylor Sep 04, 2017
this how the greatest stories are made ;) keep  going cauz i loved the story already
Feistywolf64 Feistywolf64 Feb 08, 2016
FALLOUT 4 !!!! Okay I'm done I'll just I'm continue reading ☺️
TwentyWonPilots TwentyWonPilots Jul 13, 2016
Btw her name is Amanda Steele! Just so you know 😊 loving the story already!!
fadedhalo fadedhalo Jan 28, 2016
I wonder why it is tagged as an epilogue, but this is nicely written. :")