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The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter

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XXXSkiMask By Wockhardtlean Updated Apr 15, 2016

Who is Danica "Warrior" Carpenter?  Well she is a worldwide known street fighter. She goes and fights in an underground nightclub. She is very popular worldwide, but not at school. At school she is an outcast. She is not a nerd but she doesn't have a lot of friends.  Matter of fact she only  has one. Her name is Wren Schaefer. Wren is an outcast too and since they are both outcasts, they became friends and have been outcasts together ever since. Oh and by the way Danica is the daughter of the also known worldwide Diana "Black Lightning" Carpenter. Who is her mom. Her mom is a retired UFC fighter. She only retired because of a major leg injury but she still goes to watch her daughter fight. Danica wants to follow in her moms footsteps and become just like her one day. But maybe a special someone finds out Danica's secret at school. Come to find out, who would of thought it would be this person? Well I certainly did.

awesomeweirdgirl22 awesomeweirdgirl22 Mar 24, 2016
Good for you your good at math me hahahahah I have noting to say I barely got 80 I always got 74,75 and my highest grade is 77😭😭😭😭😭😂😂
DanicaCate DanicaCate Feb 20
That's my name!!! It's the first story that someone has my name and it's spelled the same!! Awesome!
CremePuffPi CremePuffPi Apr 10, 2016
Sammmmmeeeeee!!!!!!! Almost every subject that I hate, I end up getting better grades than the subjects I actually like!! It's creepy...
CremePuffPi CremePuffPi Apr 10, 2016
Also, I'm the 69th voter 😂 *turning on the immature side*
AllMy1DerfulLove AllMy1DerfulLove Mar 14, 2016
Sameeeee!!! I despise math with a passion however I'm actually really good at it...
Wockhardtlean Wockhardtlean Dec 18, 2015
@hannahloulou123 Thank you SO much I'm updating soon so be on the look out for that ;)