Thug Life

Thug Life

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" I got a bad bitch in my Chevy.
Selling Miley Cyrus in my brand new Monte Carlo
I got the Justin Bieber please believe me!

A quarter million hanging on my colla
 Half a million in my duffel bag
Now im riding in my Cadillac

Hammers in them fucking vouges
Im riding clean and im fucking hoes "

Handsome and Hassan Harris were twin brothers. The biggest Dboys on the block right about now. With no worries and money to spend the brothers want to end their senior year with a bang. Isis is the girl every guy has their eye on. Including one of twins. But Isis has a charm of her own! She refuses to settle for less or take anything from anyone. Good girl with a bad mouth. Things aren't always as they seem.  More money more problems was the thruth. When the twins met Isis they open a world that is a mix of drama. Tears, exgirlfriends, hood love, laughs, and more drama. The journey is only beginning. Only the dopest may survive. This is ......THUG LIFE 

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So idk why she even mad that's not her nigga she jus met him 2.5 seconds ago ctfu
U not ready to be a thugg yet becuz, u let someone talk bout u
beginner_ beginner_ Jul 26
Me And My Twin 1 Hour And 13 Minutes Apart . I Was The Who Didn't Want To Come Out 😊 .
It's soooooooo funny for me to argue with somebody shorter than me cause I stop them just to ask who they looking up to or why they on they tippy toes and the be getting soooooooo fuckin mad yoo😂😂😂 my opinion jumping ain't cool unless it's family at a hella close friend other than that most
only_nell only_nell Aug 21
Thanks to everyone who warned me before reading the comments, bless up fam😭💯