Turn Down for Watt

Turn Down for Watt

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Alicia By aliciaro12 Updated Apr 09, 2016

Nora's loves her life.  She has a wonderful family, great friends, and she just so happens to be a personal chef for Houston Texans' defensive end, J.J. Watt.  Not only is she his employee, she's also his best friend.  J.J. may be a beast on the field, but he's a gentle giant behind the scenes. Nora finds herself enjoying J.J.'s company more than she should.  Being his best friend is one thing, but she knows she's not nearly good enough to be the only woman on his arm.  If she can't get over her crush, she's going to lose the one man that's ever made her truly happy.

"You have to get rid of her!" he exclaims.

"Get rid of who?" I ask curiously.

"Britney! She's been calling me non-stop and I've tried to tell her it's over, but she keeps calling and texting me.  I guess she got tired of me ignoring her.  She's at the front door!"

"So why do I have to get rid of her?"

"Because she won't listen to me! Can you just pretend to be my girlfriend? Maybe if she sees that I've moved on, she will let it go and leave me alone," J begs me.

Hmm let me think about this for a minute? Do I want to pretend to be J.J. Watt's girlfriend? This is a no-brainer.

"Okay fine.  I'll pretend to be your girlfriend," I try not to show my excitement.

"Thank you.  You're my best girl, Nor," he kisses my forehead.

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NikkiP3 NikkiP3 Feb 04, 2016
This was such an amazing start. I'm already hooked into the story. I have a few JJ stories I love and after reading this first chapter I know I'm gonna love this one.
NikkiP3 NikkiP3 Feb 04, 2016
Ahh I so loved it. I love how close Nora is to her family like JJ is close to his. I so can't wait to see this relationship continue to develop.
Loving_Country Loving_Country Dec 14, 2015
This is so good! I love JJ and I love the way you write. Can't wait for more!