Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [Request Closed]

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [Request Closed]

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Seabass By Anime_Freak90210 Updated Jan 06

This is an x reader boyfriend scenario book for some of the creepypasta guys. As you can tell. The following CreepyPasta guys listed below will be in this book:

•Jeff The Killer
•BEN Drowned
•Dr. Smiley
•Dark Link
•Ticci Toby
•Eyeless Jack
• Laughing Jack

-Coming Soon: Zlago-

[Request for scenarios are close]

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Me: Hmm... Leading a stranger into your house without even introducing yourselves.?
                              Also Me: sEEms LeGit,  brOoo
oopsiebaby oopsiebaby Jun 29
tbh, i would’ve just been frozen in shock, think its a dream, start laughing, then go to get some food.
NOBODY_is_Flawless NOBODY_is_Flawless Jun 14, 2017
I'm so glad I get excited ovr boxes. I feel like spongebob #imaginatiom🌈
OoweeMahBoi OoweeMahBoi May 27
*repeatedly screaming*  aAaaAaAAaaaaaaaaAAAAaaAaAaaaaaaAAa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Toby jumps out the window * "aww fück no!!!!!"
isanybodywaving isanybodywaving Jun 13, 2017
Far off in a distance universe
                              Smiley:"Oh.It's nothing"*walks up and cuts her tounge off casually*"Great a new tounge for the collection"
I love boxes especially boxes I can fit in cuz them i can be a cat