One In A Million (Sequel To Adopted By MB) (Slow Updates)

One In A Million (Sequel To Adopted By MB) (Slow Updates)

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kaylah832 By kaylah832 Updated Sep 21, 2016

"Where were you" he sounded angry. "Sorry I'm late baby, I got stuck in traffic". I walked to the kitchen to put my purse down and he followed me. 

I turned around and we were eye to eye. He grabbed my wrists. "Where were you.?" "I already told you where I was, let go of me" I said trying to get out of his grip. "Stop lying to me" he said through his teeth. My eyes started to water. "Please" my voice in a whisper. He let go of me then turned around. I started to grab my stuff and walk out the door until I felt his grip on my wrists again. "where are you going" he said. "I'm leaving" I was barely able to talk trying to swallow the lump in my throat. His grip tightened. "You're not going anywhere" he said and I felt and hand swipe across my face. I fell to the ground holding my face crying.

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