The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

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busteddreamer By busteddreamer Updated Mar 07

This is a story about a girl named Sang who sees herself as broken and not worthy of love. What happens when one day that changes. Some things are permanent but the way they are dealt with can be changed. People come into your life for a reason. 

This is my very first story. I hope you enjoy it. Depending on the feedback will determine if I choose to continue this. 

This story is based on the Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone. The characters in this story belong to C.L Stone, I am just borrowing them.

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thesaltysticks thesaltysticks Dec 25, 2017
How did she know the teacher called her name for attendance yesterday and that the boy didn't just poke her for no reason?
OriansMuse OriansMuse Mar 28, 2017
I think Sang is ridiculously smart and could of taught herself. It would have been hard, but she could of done it.
Schneblie Schneblie Aug 23, 2017
Girl, you just said yourself that it's almost time for class... you don't have time to play Luke with all this daydreaming business! Lol
thesaltysticks thesaltysticks Dec 25, 2017
Lol. 'I need to be more careful.' Sits down in hallway and daydreams. 😂😥
IAmCandi IAmCandi Dec 28, 2015
nobody's nobody. everybody's somebody's somebody. YOU sang are somebody's somebody. somebody's everything. *tears* oh the feels
1Lisamurray 1Lisamurray Dec 14, 2015
Yes it was a cliffy!!  I'm so glad you've already rectified it 😀