Eren X Male Slave Reader

Eren X Male Slave Reader

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MostlyForgotten By TooGayCantFunction Completed

          I sat at the bar of a strip club, hoping to avoid any strippers walking around and serving drunk shameless men. 

         The only reason I was here was because this was the only club/bar around. It served the best beer as well. 

        I was underage drinking, using my dead dad's ID. The funny thing is, that I look like him. I put it in my pocket and sipped my beer. 

           Two men sat by me. One had brown wild hair, with beautiful green eyes. The other had jet black hair with silvery blue eyes. 

        The brown haired boy nudged me. "That's a nice girl up there isn't it?" he asked me. I looked at the stripper who was bouncing up and down on the pole in front of us. 

       I shook my head and looked back at my drink. "I'm not into that stuff..."

        "So you like boys? " he asked. I grew stiff. Why is he asking me this?

         "I'm bisexual, I like both," I mumbled. Where was this man getting at? His eyes studied me. "Shit I have to go use the bathroom......

It’s not like you just stripped me from my clothes and say me naked!
                              Fanfic Logic!~
anglecat6 anglecat6 Nov 22, 2017
🎵Nana honey catch me red handed ceerpen with boy next door🎵 😆😆
-Rainni- -Rainni- Nov 25, 2017
I thought he kissed me with his ass. Thank god author-sama put this in here 😥
-Rainni- -Rainni- Nov 25, 2017
My mind is already set to the 'insta animation' choice. i CaN aLrEaDy ImAgInE iT. 
                              (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Leviyette Leviyette Jan 18
A. Strip him now.
                              B. Wait for the counselor of the underground.
                              C. Ditch the brat.
the-Anime-dude the-Anime-dude Dec 14, 2017
DAMN BISHHHHHHHH and u a girl Levi? XD Eren called u "Levi-chan" hehehe