The Girl Who Said Goodbye [sequel to TGHLB]

The Girl Who Said Goodbye [sequel to TGHLB]

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Tahlie By TahliePurvis Updated Nov 22

[sequel to The Girl He Left Behind]

Stacey's life was a mess.

But messes could always be cleaned.

I just started your story and I have to say it is a fine piece of work. You deserve everything you have received for this book.
I've cried so much I felt my heart actually like lowkey break
SugarSha SugarSha Sep 09
I'm not saying people who enjoy other people a lot don't have lives or morals... it's just I most of the time don't feel sympathy but stacey seems different even if I don't like what she does/did.
mayasilverlovly mayasilverlovly 3 days ago
the book just had like a huck at the begging I could not stop reading it after that
SpeedOfSound01 SpeedOfSound01 3 days ago
Wow, the description is amazing. I could clearly see a vivid image of each scene within my mind 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Omg it was posted on my birthday!!!!! Makes this even better😍