The Girl Who Said Goodbye [Sequel To TGHLB]

The Girl Who Said Goodbye [Sequel To TGHLB]

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Tahlie By TahliePurvis Updated Jan 06

[sequel to The Girl He Left Behind]

Stacey's life was a mess.

But messes could always be cleaned.

wxxdwindsxrebxttxer wxxdwindsxrebxttxer Dec 14, 2016
you're so amazing. The Girl He Left Behind is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. i couldn't stop reading and it affected me in the most amazing way ever. you deserve every little bit of support you've gotten. thank you and i love you.
DejanaeFerguson DejanaeFerguson Sep 10, 2016
I just started your story and I have to say it is a fine piece of work. You deserve everything you have received for this book.
savage-potato savage-potato Oct 14, 2016
I've cried so much I felt my heart actually like lowkey break
- - Dec 27, 2016
I'm a new fan but I can't help but feel happy for you. You deserve every read vote and comment. I cannot wait to read this one and the full length novel and your other books that look brilliant!
SugarSha SugarSha Sep 09, 2016
I'm not saying people who enjoy other people a lot don't have lives or morals... it's just I most of the time don't feel sympathy but stacey seems different even if I don't like what she does/did.
mayasilverlovly mayasilverlovly Dec 02, 2016
the book just had like a huck at the begging I could not stop reading it after that