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I turned to go inside but ran into a wall in stead. A wall that had hands, I found out when they caught me from falling. looking up I saw that it was Kaiden. And we were standing really close. I had my hands on his chest and he had his wrapped around my waist. I went to step back but he tightened his grip and leaned down to my ear.

"Who is Josh to you?" He whispered


"Is he your boyfriend?" He asked with a hint of anger that made me mad. He rejected me!

"Its none of your business" I said turning and walking out of his arms. Immediatly I felt the loss and wanted to go back. That's when I heard him growling. He grabbed my arm turning me around.

"It is my business because you are MINE!!!" He  growled before turning and storming inside. 

Scarlett Maine had a terrible past and after suffering the rejection of her mate she leaves the only people she has to call family. Almost two years later and she's back and badass.

Kaiden King is not someone you should mess with. He thought he was protecting his mate by rejecting her. Now that he has a chance with her he won't let anyone stop him from keeping what's his. Not even the rouge pack who has set there eyes on the Bloodwolf.

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NeverACity NeverACity Mar 27, 2016
Please update soon! I really like your style of writing, and by the bio of this book I think I will really like it! So please update often!
HappyKittyCat_ HappyKittyCat_ Nov 06, 2016
He's almost as handsome as Chris hemsworth, and that's saying a lot
Stephanie-Johnson Stephanie-Johnson Mar 27, 2016
A.K.A, probably the most attractive person I have ever seen.