The Emerald Rose {Harry Potter}

The Emerald Rose {Harry Potter}

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Roxy By Roxy_NaLu Updated Apr 29, 2016

Harry James Potter. The saviour of the wizard world. A baby prodigy who killed the Dark Lord at merely one year old.

The boy who lived, the golden boy... nicknames with no meaning.

This supposed Harry James Potter is more than people could imagine. Just think of the face Dumbledore made when his so called "war weapon" came to school as a:

And mysterious wizard.

This saviour is more than anyone could have expected...but who says he will actually save the world? Our perfect hero may have some other plans with this world...

I don't own Harry Potter. J.K Rowling does. Mature content because of swearing and maybe lemon?

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ReggieArcturusBlack ReggieArcturusBlack Aug 03, 2017
It might like you, but it doesn't like author notes, that's why!☺
Didn't you say he was a two week old or something? Damn this kid is amazing!
RodinaSalem RodinaSalem Jul 23, 2017
They don't like anyone, darling. I Personally think they are possessed.
Megalovnia Megalovnia Jul 06, 2017
Rise all of those who hate the potters(James and lily) and Dumbledore. We shall make an army. HELLS ARMY!! Or another name I'm totally up to suggestions.
QingyWingy QingyWingy Jan 02
He's so smart and cute! That women is cruel... abandoning a baby prodigy...
- - Feb 06, 2017
Thanks just lost your fans good luck when the army arrives -.-