The Cute Weird Boy Will Be Mine (BoyxBoy) (Sugar Baby)

The Cute Weird Boy Will Be Mine (BoyxBoy) (Sugar Baby)

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Crayon By Pink_Crayon Updated Mar 14

❝You will be mine, I promise you that.❞

Felix Zimmerman is a happy-go-lucky, sixteen year old oddball with Autism and he may or may not have a slight obsession with delicious sugary candy. Oh, and he had recently discovered he was gay which he accepted because if he ever found an amazing guy like his best and only friend Wind Stryker had found Ryder Benjamin, he'd probably be one of the luckiest boys in the world...but who could ever love the weird boy with a candy obsession?

[BoyxBoy] [Gay Love] [Mature] [Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy]

mmmmmr.Jefferson feels coming on
schmoogBRUH schmoogBRUH Apr 25
❤❤❤❤❤❤ this is the first time I seen my birthday in a book.. this is officially my fav book now 😙
Junk234 Junk234 Jun 28
I know it says sequel..but do we really have to read the carzy badboy one to understand this one???? i wanna resd this first then read that one?
I can already imagine him. Hard on the outside but marshmallow soft on the inside
aleabender_ aleabender_ May 19
why do i imagined ridley and caitlin as lucky blue and pyper :')
hals3y- hals3y- Mar 17
I came here expecting it to be so cute and fluffy bc c'mon it's Felix and now you're telling me it's sad nah I cant do this I'm not ready cause if its sad its gonna destroy me and I can't do it cause Felix deserves the best not ... sad (p.s i'm still reading it i'm just overly sensitive rn lmao)