The Last Shifter (a Loki romance)

The Last Shifter (a Loki romance)

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Lady Sharpe By Lady-Gisborne Updated 5 days ago

A Loki romance that takes place before the events of Thor.  A crisis is consuming Vaneheim and has Odin, his sons, and all of his strongest warriors and advisors stumped.  They have no allies that they know of to turn to for help.

However, Frigga knows someone.  As a last resort, she calls upon an old friend with many dark secrets who has an uneasy relationship with Odin.  Will she be willing to risk her freedom to return to Asgard and help?  Will the curious sons of Odin respect her wishes and keep her identity a secret?  How are the events on Vaneheim linked to her long, dark past?  

Nothing is for certain, nothing can be taken for granted.  Something that was long sought after could be the key to her downfall.  Will she have the strength to face her enemy and do anything and everything she has to to defeat him?  Or will she fall prey to the games of the heart?

This fanfiction will be updated every other Saturday unless I die or something catastophic happens to me

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You know never liked lord of the rings because it was too complicated for me to understand but I did know that this was a lord of the rings reference
Shade_Rider Shade_Rider Mar 19, 2017
I look e this story already because of this I love you , you made my day
AnUnassumingWriter AnUnassumingWriter Mar 09, 2017
I only noticed it was LotR half way through XD I was like "Where have I heard this Tory before"
Lhiea_R-N Lhiea_R-N Jan 11, 2017
About to start this book and I have a huge urge to go to the last update and comment asking if the author is dead or in the middle of a catastrophe 😂😂
Priscil_is_me Priscil_is_me Nov 27, 2016
LOTRRRRR YUSSSHHHH  i am a hobbit and LOTR fan it is just amazinnggggg <3 <3 <3.
Serethiel Serethiel Jul 18, 2016
This is one of the best books ever! LotR and Loki, I don't think anything can better than that!