clock don't stop || jj watt

clock don't stop || jj watt

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ssa hotchner By -relapsed Updated Mar 24

"And the minutes turn to hours and they're flying like a jet plane, and we'll make it right tomorrow. But tomorrow's not a sure thing."

eight  years.

That's how long it had been since Justin last saw Savannah at his high school graduation back in Wisconsin. He had never intended for them to be apart for that long but when his career took off, he became quite selfish and seemed to forget promises he had made to those he cared deeply for. 

But life has the tendency of picking you up when you're down and dragging you down when you're on top of the world. 

 Many say all you have in this world is time, but that's a lie. 

A clock don't stop.

NikkiP3 NikkiP3 Dec 24, 2015
Ooo this was so good I can't wait to see this story continue to develop.
NikkiP3 NikkiP3 Dec 24, 2015
I so love this beginning. You had my attention at the title and cover.