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These Stories Are Lies

These Stories Are Lies

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solangelol By solangelol Completed

Solangelo high school au
Usually Will Solace doesn't have problems finding friends, but this time everything is different.
He gets in a fight his very first day at the new school and he meets Nico di Angelo.
Just slowly he understands why the boy keeps pushing everyone away, how broken he is and what he feels for him.

Characters where originally created by Rick Riordan.

pierce_the_noelle6 pierce_the_noelle6 May 23, 2016
Good job will 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👐👏👏👏👏👏😂
Kymma4 Kymma4 Aug 09, 2016
More like the episode of Bones where they go to Dr. Brennan's high school reunion
Poseidons_coffee Poseidons_coffee Nov 25, 2016
This makes human interaction actually appealing!! I'll consider going outside now!!
                              *bursts out laughing* lol nah
Mountolympiasaurus Mountolympiasaurus Apr 28, 2016
Wut? Lol im lost ik it was probably a typo buy im still confused
FandomsWillKillUsAll FandomsWillKillUsAll Jan 06, 2016
My friend the caretaker, coming to theaters near you this fall