Broken Wings

Broken Wings

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Danielle Ogier By DaniOgier Updated Dec 31, 2016

When Violet is kicked out of her home by her abusive father, she was relieved although worried about where she would stay. As it turns out, she didn't have to worry about that for very long. She is kidnapped, taken away from everything she has ever known only to be thrown into a world of vampires, creatures she only believed existed in her books. 
She is only sure of one thing; life will never be the same again.

Highest ranking - #1 in Vampire

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KweenKitKat KweenKitKat Jan 01
The fandom will take you in.
                              What fandom, you ask?
                              The fandoms are all interconnected
                              *Drags you to Hell with me*
Beauty doesn't just have one ideal standard "blonde hair and blue eyes" is only one of the many out there 😐
HiaAbbasi HiaAbbasi Dec 29, 2016
I feel like she was young at that time. So she is naive and clueless
bitch ur 15 and u didn't realize wth was going on? damn, ur stupid
KweenKitKat KweenKitKat Jan 01
Make sure to say this as your last words to him:
                              I got five fingers and the middle one's for you." When he responds to that say: "WUT U SAY BISH FIT ME. I'll meet you in Hell."
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Probably spelt that wrong)
                              Don't kill me!