Glimpse ~Gruvia~

Glimpse ~Gruvia~

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TheCountyass By pettysupreme Updated Jun 16, 2016

The door suddenly creaked open and all our eyes quickly darted toward it. Out walked a frail girl with dark teal hair. She didn't glimpse at any of us, it was like she didn't know we were here. She was facing the board, and people started to laugh. The teacher turned her around and she now faced us. Her eyes seemed weird, they looked clouded, like how the sky was today.

"Hello, I'm Juvia." She stated. 

"And I'm blind."  


That's where it all started. The bullying the name calling, the hurting. We treated her like trash, and when I was little at that time I truly though she was trash.  

I was a horrible person, and I want to fix it.


Ten years ago.

Ten long years ago, was when it all started, the day she walked in. I remember it vividly.

Ten years later we meet again. One going to a school for troubled children, another going to a school for special children. 

A lot can happen in ten years.


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evelynships evelynships Nov 08, 2017
Stfu Mira! Just because you have a disability it doesn't make u retarted! ...Still love you tho.
crazygal000 crazygal000 Jun 19, 2017
Oh my god silent voices I was thinking the blurb reminds me of it so much the movie came out and I read the manga it's so goood it made me cry then I got sick and had a head ache so worth it tho
celestialgoddesss celestialgoddesss Mar 11, 2016
RynRidan RynRidan May 01, 2016
(This is what my OC would do) *turns around real slow and starts walking towards her* It's not retardate its retarded *reaches out as fast as lightning and starts strangling Mira* *Natsu pulls me back and drags me outside whilst I am screaming* DON'T THINK THIS IS OVER MIRA!
michycoronita michycoronita Jul 29, 2016
I love that manga it's called A Silent Voice, Shoko was the girl who was deaf and Shouya was the boy who bullied her, it's such a great story and I'm so glad it'll be an anime.
soul_tail1234 soul_tail1234 May 23, 2016
Because she's not retardate. She's blind. There is a difference.