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A Christmas Miracle -Septiplier-

A Christmas Miracle -Septiplier-

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Nerf History By Lynn_Shawe Completed

Sean McLoughlin doesn't have it easy. He lives in a poor family, which wouldn't be all bad if he didn't struggle with scoliosis and needed a surgery, that he couldn't afford. However things seem to look up for them when his father finds a good job opportunity in Ohio. 

Most kids probably looked forward to going to a new school but for Sean it simply meant  more kids that would poke fun at him, wether it be for his clothes or for his condition.

While time seems to be running out for Sean, and there seems to be no hope, maybe a new friend could bring a miracle.

I live in America and I don't even know. I also don't even call bi- trash cans... trash cans tbh. Also this is me because I have , not that but I have a load of mental disorders so yeah the gates of hell to 9 months of tortu-oh yeah mom the first day of school uh huh
The gate of hell. That the best discription of the front doors of school I have EVER hears!
I don't have what he has but I have to wear a back brace because of a car accident
                              Mashed POTATOES AND CHICKEN!?
                              Good lord
                              Sweet Jesus 
                              All celestial beings please have mercy on my soul for I cannot resist the food of the ancient gods, forgive me. 
                              im hungry
Fangirls_With_Icing Fangirls_With_Icing Sep 01, 2016
I don't understand why anyone would actually physically bully someone because of a disability or condition, I've never seen it happen irl and breaks my heart to know what might be happening to some people
It's Cartons or jugs but mostly we call them milk jugs because we don't use cartons that often anymore