A Christmas Miracle -Septiplier-

A Christmas Miracle -Septiplier-

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Sean McLoughlin doesn't have it easy. He lives in a poor family, which wouldn't be all bad if he didn't struggle with scoliosis and needed a surgery, that he couldn't afford. However things seem to look up for them when his father finds a good job opportunity in Ohio. 

Most kids probably looked forward to going to a new school but for Sean it simply meant  more kids that would poke fun at him, wether it be for his clothes or for his condition.

While time seems to be running out for Sean, and there seems to be no hope, maybe a new friend could bring a miracle.

QuirkyKit QuirkyKit Jul 07, 2016
Ok, I have to say that I saw this story and when it said he just had Scoliosis Surgery, I smiled. Because in April, the 23rd, I went through the surgery too!!!
                              It was a pain in the butt and I'm doing better now! I also grew 2 and a half inches from it, like holy chilli dog!😊
QuirkyKit QuirkyKit Jul 07, 2016
This hits home!!! My Scoliosis was a 60 degrees before my surgery because they kept putting it off!
Fangirls_With_Icing Fangirls_With_Icing Sep 01, 2016
I don't understand why anyone would actually physically bully someone because of a disability or condition, I've never seen it happen irl and breaks my heart to know what might be happening to some people
starr-light starr-light Nov 21, 2016
Hey! I think, I think, my one friend got surgery for scoliosis. She missed like... 7-8 weeks of school. I think she got her surgery over the summer
BOUCHEBooperCast1 BOUCHEBooperCast1 Dec 18, 2016
I'd be friends with you Jack........ I've had my unfair share of bullying and I know it's hard so you'd be one of the first people I would introduce myself to
JustASparkleInTheSky JustASparkleInTheSky Aug 22, 2016
In Wisconsin, we have cartons, jugs, bags, pails, or glass(those are hard to find)