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Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

348K Reads 4.1K Votes 17 Part Story
AuthorBe By AuthorBe Updated Jul 21, 2013

Serena goes through hell and back after being kidnapped by a group of rouges. Now back home - she learns the truth to as why she was kidnapped and why Rider, the Alpha's son, was especially determined to get her back safely. Rider now has to find a way of reconnecting the bond before it's too late.

jtassone05 jtassone05 Jul 22, 2013
I really likes this book. I just hope she doesnt give in to easily.
andiheartu andiheartu Jun 21, 2012
I like your story! :) but I like it mostly because I also don't like the sun. XP same reasons as serena.
kissesNhugs4u kissesNhugs4u Jan 18, 2012
I love it Already!! There was a few errors but it was easy to just read it!! Can't wait until the next chapter!! On to As a kinda 'im sorry'!! (clicking sound)  :D
perraya perraya Jan 03, 2012
need a love of editing.
                              plot-wise its good so far but the reading was not that pleasant with all the spelling and grammatical errors.
alexmj alexmj Dec 28, 2011
Awesome chapter I believe I'm so going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!
XXDreamONXX XXDreamONXX Dec 02, 2011
never say i dont know how to get urself outta something..they will just say they'll teach you.say you like to watch :P