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You are my home. Fairy Tail Natsu x reader

You are my home. Fairy Tail Natsu x reader

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AnimeDragon4444 By AnimeDragon4444 Updated Dec 28, 2016

When you, a girl with strange magic powers goes to the fairy tail guild to ask to join everyone takes an interest in you to try and find out what kind of magic you use. But someone takes a different kind of interest in you, pink hair and a scaly scarf? Strange combination is your first thought.

Me when I can't find something and it's right there in my freakin face
Reaper-Piper Reaper-Piper Apr 10, 2016
So I went to my library and when I saw the shortened title it said "You are my ho" and I thought it said something different immidialaty.
TheLightWithinAHeart TheLightWithinAHeart Jun 16, 2016
*slowly claps and shakes head disappointedly* very very well done. You get an 'A' plus in making a complete fool out of yoyrself
Before I continue reading. I'm a hardcore Fairy Tail fan. Fairy Tail is a place that I would feel like I belong if it were to be real and I have an anime club at my school and I like to think that we are similar to Fairy Tail. We're just one big happy family 👆
KawaiiPotatoDa1st KawaiiPotatoDa1st Apr 19, 2016
Omg, I was just telling my friend the other day how I would put my fairy tail mark on my left eye. Best book ever!!
Mercyino Mercyino Jun 23, 2016
So one minute I'm embarrassed and five seconds later I'm PERFECTLY happy going all like "Sure!!!" With the most innocent and cute smile ... I would never do that 😆😂