This Revenge Brought Us Love Yet Pain

This Revenge Brought Us Love Yet Pain

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I don't know what he want... 
I don't know why he's so bad to me...
 I don't know what I did to him.... 
But he said that what he did to me...just to revenge on me....It's because I did a big mistake to someone that I don't even know who is it.......GOD. Help me, please..... 

_ Im NaIn: has a very warm family, kind, lovely, caring, love nature and animals.
_ Jeon Jungkook: comes from very rich family, cold-hearted (very much), calm, loves his family very much but never shows because of his coldness and stubbornness.
_ BTS: Jungkook's friends, childish, funny, caring esp to his friends.
_ JooJin : NaIn's nephew.
_Hyungji : NaIn's Friend.
  Others characters will appear in the story.
The story about the peaceful life of a girl which turned to a very miserable life after she met a guy who said that he'd make her life turn to a living hell.

It's my second time posting this story. I have this fiction in Asianfanfic but it was Baekhyun Exo Version. And now I have it as Jungkook of BTS version. 
And I hope you'll understand when you see some mistakes. I think I'll have some missing which can confuse you because I just edit the names and some parts of the whole story. So please remind me and I'll edit it again. 

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crystaljin_ crystaljin_ Aug 02
"little brain and big brain" wow nice they must have cool brains then
someone stole my phone... i'm using my computer.... i hate nyc
crystaljin_ crystaljin_ Aug 02
is it only me who's wondering that her phone dropped and she didn't even notice like how, if it was me i would've screamed and punched jungkook instead saying "look what you did to my baby" lmao
jungkookDVA jungkookDVA Jul 24
My wallpaper is a pic of jikook doing funny faces and on the top it says: Warning! This phone has a lot of kpop memes
                              And then when you open it, it is a pic of Hobi using the recorder with his nose and it says: Told ya
Yeah the smell is some good old onions... someone’s been stealing Tae’s food, it was you all along!