This Revenge Brought Us Love Yet Pain

This Revenge Brought Us Love Yet Pain

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I don't know what he want... 
I don't know why he's so bad to me...
 I don't know what I did to him.... 
But he said that what he did to me...just to revenge on me....It's because I did a big mistake to someone that I don't even know who is it.......GOD. Help me, please..... 

_ Im NaIn: has a very warm family, kind, lovely, caring, love nature and animals.
_ Jeon Jungkook: comes from very rich family, cold-hearted (very much), calm, loves his family very much but never shows because of his coldness and stubbornness.
_ BTS: Jungkook's friends, childish, funny, caring esp to his friends.
_ JooJin : NaIn's nephew.
_Hyungji : NaIn's Friend.
  Others characters will appear in the story.
The story about the peaceful life of a girl which turned to a very miserable life after she met a guy who said that he'd make her life turn to a living hell.

It's my second time posting this story. I have this fiction in Asianfanfic but it was Baekhyun Exo Version. And now I have it as Jungkook of BTS version. 
And I hope you'll understand when you see some mistakes. I think I'll have some missing which can confuse you because I just edit the names and some parts of the whole story. So please remind me and I'll edit it again. 

This is so sad man, I'm listening to young forever too 😭😭😭
SY_kpop SY_kpop Nov 23
he's blaming her for his family issues and is jealous of her family
Mikooktae Mikooktae Apr 17
I didn't even read the story yet and the picture had to come out and I was like "is that Jungkook?" Hahaha.
                              Reading the story...
distaurina distaurina May 25
what? Kookie? his mother called him Kookie~ thats too cute~ wkwkwk
                              i miss you little brain~ XD
-JeonNochu -JeonNochu Jul 17
Did jungkook spread the photo of her and Jin and tell everyone she has a child?
Cute boy I imagine this child is jungkook when he was a kids