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Dangerous Temptation(A Mindless Behavior Vampire Story)

Dangerous Temptation(A Mindless Behavior Vampire Story)

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MWhitfield By MWhitfield Updated Jun 29, 2015

I woke up with an horrible pain in my stomach.I looked at the clock on my nightstand and it was 12:05.Just turned midnight.I decided to take a walk so I put on my jacket,my shoes,and I already had on my favorite hello kitty pajamas.I went downstairs and looked into the refrigerator to see a small bottle of pepto bismol.I took some and left the house.I was walking down the road when I got the feeling that someone was watching me.I turned around and saw nothing but cars and junk on the road.I made it to the park and I sat on the swing to taste the fresh air.As I was humming a song something flew behind me making my hair blow

"Calm down Mariah its just the wind." I said to myself because I get scared easily.


Something flew right passed me again.Now really I was scared.

"Who's there." I yelled. Only to be heard by my echoes.


Two figures ran beside me.How could they run so fast like that?As I was about to get up four persons stood right in front of me.


ray-bands ray-bands Jan 29, 2016
Is the killer supposed to say " yea I'm behind this tree,?!"
JZtheQueen JZtheQueen Feb 16
Tf you doin you doin. I would have been all the way around the block, up the hill and in a crowed area at this point😑😑😑
Ireadbooks247 Ireadbooks247 Dec 14, 2015
Bruh...white people -*about to get bitten* what's your name?........ REALLY NIGGA?
LastGloQueen LastGloQueen Aug 05, 2015
This is why white people always die in scary movies. They never keep black people to the end but at least we don't trip and fall every 2 seconds
tillers_world tillers_world Jul 16, 2015
i know she aint aint no vampire. but if it were me my black ass woulda ran like one! sheeesh.............
miyahd03 miyahd03 Jun 29, 2015
I would run like hell. home and ask questions later.Shiii be like im in the Olympics.