Delirious//Garmau FF

Delirious//Garmau FF

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taylor By Taylor0816 Updated May 12

I am... Delirious...

Garroth Ro'mave who is secretly known as Phoenix Drops mystery killer, Delirious. Has never been caught due to the fact he's so slick at hiding his identities. Garroth is in a disturbed state of mind...Resulting from illnesses, intoxication and a shattered childhood. Delirious hides his face with his mask, or lathered in blood from his victims. Delirious is always praying on girls he meets i clubs or on the street. When he's done he leaves his signature 'D' carving. Delirious kills for the hell of it, and revenge on his family. When he kills Garroth shows no mercy to anyone. Could Garroth's whole image change because of one time he played the hero instead of the villain? 

Cover credits to _Malio_

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Well, that escalated quite quickly. 
                              *Cuddles Senpai in fear*
princeroki princeroki Aug 01, 2016
LillyLockwood LillyLockwood Mar 02, 2016
Is Garroth as delirious have any connection to the actual youtuber  that is named Delirious... what i mean is did the idea come from that youtuber? Or maybe the song i am delirious?
MidnightMelodyWolff MidnightMelodyWolff Jul 02, 2016
... I know someone who calls themsef kitten.... I think I now know why... ;)
tthegrandqueen tthegrandqueen Mar 05, 2016
Garroth why?!?!? How in the world is this a Garmau story? Garroth is a killer!!!
iiKizami iiKizami Jul 26, 2016
When I read this I thought of the song "Ain't nobody stop us, We are Delirious!"