Stay With Me (Obsession 2) | Vkook

Stay With Me (Obsession 2) | Vkook

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Book 2 of 'Obsession' series

"are you going to leave me too...?"
i don't want this to happen for the second time...

Please, stay with me...

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koojj_31 koojj_31 Aug 01, 2017
lowkey imagining them as taehyung and jennie but i love vkook sooo muchhh
LadyPJMoon LadyPJMoon Jul 03, 2016
Thank you!  Your story, Obsession 1/2, are fantastic.  You are a great story teller and I hope you keep writing!  ^_^  PJ
KimTaehyungBabyBabes KimTaehyungBabyBabes Oct 14, 2016
Yeah~ Can you please tell your Boyfriend Taehyung that he'll be neede to kiss me too?! Jebal
Toolazytomove Toolazytomove Oct 01, 2016
How would I know ? I'm too engulfed into shipping artists, and band mates to interact with people, especially males
nutnalinna nutnalinna Mar 16, 2016
Your writing style has changed! After I read book 1, I think you wrote it too fast, and I cannot understand much in some situation. Haha. But this book was explained slower, it makes me feel make sense. I can feel how much they love each other. 😍😍
TheToiletVBroke TheToiletVBroke Dec 24, 2016
I will only answer you if taehyung did the same to me every morning