Starr Academy: Year One

Starr Academy: Year One

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The Starr Academy is one of the most premier and exclusive school in the United States of America. So exclusive that they turned down Paris Hilton when she tried to demand her acceptance. This school wasn't just for any student. The student must be special for this unique school's different course load. 

This school isn't just for the wealthy. There is a scholarship program for these who have the something special so they may learn too. The school board doesn't care about a person's family status. They care about the skill of the student attending their school. 

This school has a rich history and a long past. Started by four of the most prestigious of families on Maryland, this school has stood the march of time and have always been strong. Any student that passes through these halls have come out to be one of the elite in the world. 

The Starr Academy was the first of nine elite schools all together. This school would the the start of the Mystique Schools. And all of this could be traced to one man. Melerick Lund, the first headmaster of Starr Academy. The head founder of the Starr Academy and beloved headmaster during his reign of the school.
After Nearly fifty years of the absence of a Lund among the student body, Hope Lund is brought to the school by Marek Knightly. She had no idea that she would be attending Starr Academy until he shows up on her door step. And she is grateful for being away from her family.

Want to know why? It's all within this tale. Enjoy...

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Insane_Nyx Insane_Nyx Apr 04
Don't y'all just love how this is kinda depressing but so good that you can't stop reading?
Dear god... I misread this at first and had to do a reread. I read bellhop as bellyflop....
Can’t be bothered with “womanly duties”? Ha, I guess you’ll starve to death.
kiki200411 kiki200411 Nov 05, 2017
I have a friend named faith and whenever we can’t find her we’re like I lost faith!! Hahahah, good times
mackenzien mackenzien Apr 04, 2017
Okay so I read this book a few times and I have always wondered. Do you pronounce Marek like 'Mark' or some other way?
the_wry_fox the_wry_fox Nov 07, 2016
Dang, I've always thought about what it would be like to have easygoing paeents, my parents wouldn't let me go to an overnight school field trip....
                              I've decided that overbearing parents are Farr m better than this chick