Marked ~ A Harry Styles Vampire Story

Marked ~ A Harry Styles Vampire Story

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harreh stiles By louissweaterpawz Updated Jul 30, 2015


"Esme." He said to me, his cold breath hitting my face.

I held my breath, too frightened to speak.

"Esme, look at me." He said, and forced me to look at him.

His eyes now had a tint of red to them.

"You know you're mine, Esme." He told me, demandingly

"No." I whispered.

"You're mine whether you like it or not." He replied darkly, with that he leaned in close to my neck an out came his fangs.

And with that, I was marked.

avenue3 avenue3 Aug 27
This is like spraying yourself in blood and screaming "VAMPIRE BAIT! VAMPIRE BAIT RIGHT HERE!"
How the hell to you even say that bruh I thought he was talking in a different language
Why do they always go after the non believers I'm still looking for my Stefan Salvatore so he can turn me 
Suddenly I hear a distinct voice in the background, saying something along the lines of "HARREH, Gimme some of ya gravyy", hmm strange
nikexstyles nikexstyles Aug 18
girl I call myself fun sized instead of short to make me feel better so your good