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"Thank you." he whispered as he stood up from the bed and walked over to the cigarette pack that laid on the bed table. I didn't tell him that my parents would get angry if they noticed because I knew he needed them to relax. He sat down by the window as he stared out.

It was quiet around us, but not awkward. I took my time admiring the broken boy that sat by the window. His hair was messy from him running his hands trough it in frustration and his eyes were bloodshot from crying, but he still looked as beautiful as ever. He was looking at something outside, looking very focused which made his eyebrows furrow and his eyes to widen a bit. I smiled, taking a finger to my lips, thinking back to the kiss we had just shared. It was such a gentle, featherly kiss, but it still managed to make the butterflies go crazy and my pulse to quicken. 

I decided to walk over to him and he turned his head to look at me instead, now staring at me instead of staring out the window like he had done a couple of seconds ago, but now he had a small smile on his face. His eyes took in my face, like he wanted to remember everything from my face. I felt my cheeks heat up, knowing I was blushing, but he was staring at me like he could read into my soul. I bit my lip nervously as he put a hand on my cheek, tracing his fingers on my cheeks and then bottom lip. 

When I closed my eyes, I felt a small peck against my lips. It was quick and so soft that I almost thought I had imagined it, but I felt it and it made a rush of adrenaline run through my body. I felt Luke's forehead leaning against mine. His breath tickled my face, but I didn't mind because I liked being this close to him.

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annamarie0914 annamarie0914 Aug 30, 2017
i was once reading a fic and it said “He had a lot of frustration inside of him, meanwhile i craved a lot of HIM inside of me.” and like idk same
The_Bella_Star The_Bella_Star May 13, 2017
Same XD but not just my mum gets annoyed but it's all my friends and family XD I find it funny how frustrated they get XD U won't believe what I had to do just to get my mum to agree to painting my room black XD 😂😂😂
CalciumTHood CalciumTHood Aug 18, 2017
Honestly I have like a bit of clothes not gonna lie but I always wear the same sh't
paper_thin_mind paper_thin_mind Oct 17, 2016
Are you from London? They wasn't havin it is such a London thing to say haha
                              Or like, Bradford too
SimplyMeDreaming SimplyMeDreaming Oct 22, 2016
Well toned chest? He has a little cute tummy and boobies. But I love it
Homo69_boob Homo69_boob Dec 19, 2016
same ffs my dad says i dress like a 'gangster' niGGA I WILL MESS YOU UP