Crystal Heart (boyxboyxboy)

Crystal Heart (boyxboyxboy)

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Emo Friend By lceRose Updated Sep 19, 2016

When jasper was a pup he loved to explore, one day he went to far.

Now, after the death of his mother, he is sent away to a boarding school. Making a good name for his pack.
He also makes some good friends and enemies, and a unexpected companion.

He also catches the eyes of the top jocks of the school.

Will Jasper be able to held all this?

Find out..

- - Apr 20
I think it's pretty good so far 
                              But I'm a little confused. He's a wherewolf right?
                              And if he is why doesn't he think dragons are real?
                              There should be a high possibility that there are other types of shifters right?
Goodd dayummnnn im not worthy of his cute adoraballnessss 😉😆😆😆😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😎😎
DirtyFloor DirtyFloor Apr 13
The could have not excepted you except they did except you. Unexceptable
DUde, I understand. My phone aoutocorrects see (had to type that several times) to SEX (yes, all caps) ...(Also, I meant to type "dude" not "DUde")
Awkward_Bro Awkward_Bro Aug 12, 2016
I hate crying in front of people too. Like, I don't want their pity. Let me be depressed by myself XD I dunno what's wrong with me?
StrykerPubs StrykerPubs Dec 04, 2016
Props to the Van Gogh that made the cover. Its freaking AMAZBALLZ. 
                              Yeah, I said that.
                              Deal with it.