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The Assassin

The Assassin

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liverpool3222 By liverpool3222 Updated May 02

His name is Archer, he is known as the cruel and vicious assassin. He is like a killing machine but hides in the shadows targeting his enemy's and stalking them as prey. He lives alone and has no one to love, until he lays eyes on an innocent beautiful women called layla and he is very determined to have her. However archer is very possessive and doesn't share with anybody else, if someone does touch what's his then you better start running as he will track you down and rip your throat out in the most painful way.

Her name is layla, she is a very sweet girl and she tends to always have a smile on her face which never fades. Layla always puts others before her and wants them to be happy. But, many people hurt layla and says mean things to her because of her kind nature.

BeniAndTheJets BeniAndTheJets Jul 02, 2016
Please keep updating! I live it so far and I can't wait to see where it goes! If you ever need any advice or help I'm here!!!
gracia0507 gracia0507 Jul 01, 2016
I love the genre of the is my first time reading this like stories..awesome..goodluck for the next chapters author..
Autismspeaks2day Autismspeaks2day Jul 01, 2016
What the hell did she ever do too her? Please don't tell me her cousins, her own flesh and blood, would beat her because they were jealous! Anyway first chapter and I'm already in love😍😍😍
RuruMik RuruMik Aug 05, 2016
people always hate u for no reason, or because they wish to be like u, unless u really have a real stink personality that is
Marie_R Marie_R Aug 01, 2016
I feel you. I was once hanging w a friend, and I cried bc I killed an ant... Yea
alyprudencio alyprudencio Jul 01, 2016
                              Just hold on for a little bit longer.
                              things WILL get better.
                              And really if I had cousins that do that shït to me, I will LITTERALLY punch their faces joke.
                              To the author:
                              GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!
                              KEEP UPDATING!!!!!!