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The not so female maid (ereri)

The not so female maid (ereri)

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•Kookie•Ereri• By OlutoAckerman Completed

Eren jaeger is a male that goes to corp high school but he also has a part time job that he does with his adopted sister mikasa he works as a maid.
Everyone at school thinks eren Is a girl except for armin and mikasa plus some teachers.
Until he meets the popular teacher at his highhschool levi ankerman.
But eren is also hiding a secret that he has hidden from everyone even mikasa and his farther only his mother knew what he was.

Warning this is ereni where talking about so I don't know what to expect.
I'm not good at writing smut so it may not be good or there might not be any at ally

Peachypur Peachypur Aug 20, 2016
Damn son this kid be lookin fine imma fûck him/ I mean her tonight.
                              I know your secret Eren lmao I no Fücking girls I'm gay 
                              Ye that's right eren
                              Ackerman be gay
                              I'm going to go jaeger your ass now
AwesomeYaoiNinja AwesomeYaoiNinja Jul 07, 2016
Wait does Eren dress like a guy but they think he's a girl or does he dress like a girl? I'm Confused!!!!
SapphireKageKyuura92 SapphireKageKyuura92 Dec 12, 2016
How in the hell is anyone supposed to read this story properly if there's no " " when people are speaking.
knewbetter knewbetter Jun 04, 2016
hey can you please use quotations when someones talking? sorry if im being rude
HappyTheWolf HappyTheWolf Nov 23, 2016
This Isn't Fair, Petra Was One Of The Sweetest Darlings In The Book ):
AwesomeYaoiNinja AwesomeYaoiNinja Jul 07, 2016
This it bad that I don't know what pegged mean? Does it mean throw or something?