Cause You're My Type [J-HOPE]

Cause You're My Type [J-HOPE]

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Jung Hoseok; a singer from a hip hop dance group called Bangtan Boys. Before he is 'someone', he got broken because the girl that he loves left him because someone else.

Amy Huston; has asian look because her grandmother was a Korean. She moves to Korea to continue her grandmother's business. She never wants a boyfriend because she got rejected by her first love.

Both are perfect to each other but they never have that special feeling to each other.

"You should just leave me but why did you saved me?" - Amy

"People thought I'm in love with her. Idiot." - JHope

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notcalamity notcalamity Aug 18, 2017
How do you even say that to his face 
                              It's not like he mistreated you or something 
                              At least make up a nicer sounding excuse you hoe
IrisV1 IrisV1 Jan 15
Whoah bish. Did u just indirectly call hobi poor? BRUH HIS SMILE IS BRIGHTER THAN UR AND UR BOO'S FUTURE
rukia_jbiased rukia_jbiased Oct 14, 2017
How dare you  say that to my sunshine 
                              Leave  now before I 
                              Click click bang bang yo
how could she say that , she really broke sunshine heart but anyway 
                              she is a unlucky girl ! his smile is more brighter than that guy anyway
                              keep up hobi anyway ur safe from that girl
JustTabs JustTabs Feb 03
When bitch i got bills and you gonna pay me back everything I bought you so ha
JustTabs JustTabs Feb 03
When u with ur bff and she said let's watch sing and you said Pete's Dragon live action and u feel to betryed to start fighting