[Un]conditional Love (A Hate/Love Story)

[Un]conditional Love (A Hate/Love Story)

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"accept it Manik"

"No. No. Not at all" 

"You have to "

He closes his eyes . His face is hot and the distance between our lips is unbearable. 

"I want you , Manik. Desperately "

He opens his eyes, amused. I had no idea what I am saying but I know whatever I'm saying is true. 

"I want more than a game just. Do you?"

"Of course I do Nandini . I want more too"

"Then why are you so afraid? - Tell me what are you afraid of? "

"Losing Control -" he looks up and I gasp as he continues "-for you"

"Why don't you see how it feels to lose control for me? Why don't you feel it? "

"It's not possible in between us Nandini"

"Let me - Let me Manik" 

"My love for you might destroy you " he whispers as he breaks the kiss. "If that's the only thing you are afraid I want you - your love to destroy me. "

    A player Boy and a normal new prey of him. A player playing a game as usual to him? What is wrong with him then? He plays the game well and in the first level he wins - the girl loses the game - gives her virginity to the player boy - but what actually happened after that?


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sounds interesting 😀
                              i have a question! what is #MissionDesi?
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hello compliment of the season to you . i'm ruby by name 
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Oh... poor Nandu..
                              Shd lovss Manik. But he's playing with her feelings...
                              Anyway awsm update sonali...
                              Update soom
Amazingggg...totallyy romanticc...so higher jammingg...hehee...so so so hottt...lovedd itt..bt is manik serious about her...last line of the chap tells tht he us really a playerr...ohh goshh..noww whtt...updatee soon..waiting 4 the nxt prt
Aww nandu....... 
                              I feel bad for nandu
                              Manik is a player
                              Waiting for next update let's see what will happen :