Forever and always [boyxboy][completed]

Forever and always [boyxboy][completed]

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Lalaland_ By lalaland__x Completed

Ben Colins is a typical 17 years old, goes to high school, a nerd and gay. 

Andrew Kingsley is the alpha-to-be of Silver Cresent pack. His family urged him to find his mate in order to be an alpha. 

One night Andrew laid his eyes on Ben, he knew he is the one. But along the way they will meet many challenges: family and hate.

 Can their love withstand challenges that stood ahead of them? Will their never ending love wins?

Warning: Mature content!!!

Hi guys, this is my first book so bare with me if my story is boring or my grammar sucks. Leave me a comment to tell me anything!! Correct me if I'm wrong too :P Hope you like this book :)

xoxo Lld

duduxs duduxs 4 days ago
I dont care about being a werewolf tbh but I'd def like to date one
rookiefire rookiefire Jul 28
I do so too...  a friend of mine keeps pestering me about how she thinks i'm an Alpha Wolf...  sth 2 do with My overprotectiveness or such
I would love to be a werewolf, but at this point, I just want a mate. Because it just sets you up for success, I'm mean they are destined to like you so you don't have to worry and it seem so much easier plus it's cute and stuff, *sigh* I hate being normal
If my family was a wherwwolf family, my mom would be the alpha....she is really scary when she is mad....
werswolf werswolf Nov 30
Same but my mom is so scary she could freze hell with one glare
Same. If my family was a werewolf family my mom will be a alpha,I will be a Alpha and my dad will be an elder.( because my dad is really old.)