Frozen Love |~| Ereri/Riren

Frozen Love |~| Ereri/Riren

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This is the book after 'Frozen Hearts'

Eren is now a nineteen year old living with his best friends Armin and Mikasa. He's decided after all those years of school, and because he hasn't decided on what he wants his career to be, he's taking a break before college. 

His life is normal. He works at his local bookstore. He has his two best friends. They've been together since both him and Armin moved to Seattle Washington. They've moved into an apartment together and Armin and Mikasa have started their first year of college. 

Things are smooth for Eren. He has a job and a place to live. Nothing major occupying him while he relaxes and finally settles his life. 

That is until both of his parents get in a sad accident and his ex boyfriend Levi Ackerman walks back into the picture one day and everything changes. 

{I own nothing but the plot. You may read this book before reading the other, Frozen Hearts. But it might make more sense if you read Frozen Hearts first since this is the sequel}

DISCLAIMER!!!! There are mentions of EreJean (ErenxJean) don't get super upset if you read something you don't want to. 

LEVI AND EREN DO GET TOGETHER!!! This IS LevixEren, but they do not get together for awhile. 

This is a slow processing fan fiction, Eren and Levi do not get together until Chapter Eighteen but there are moments in between

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They are both cute and I agree, but i ship Ereri more tho ;-; please dont hurt me i have family