Agony (Sequel to Hunger)

Agony (Sequel to Hunger)

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THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO HUNGER (YAY!!) If you haven't read Hunger, you should probably go do that. Otherwise, this will confuse the crap out of you. 
War. The supernatural creatures all over the world are teaming up and taking out humans, picking them off one by one. Then there's the other side of the war, who are trying to save lives. Derek is one of those people. He's on the human side, fighting everyday, risking his life everyday, until something goes wrong. A creature never before seen. A creature that someone created for one reason and one reason only. Destruction. 

Stiles has been moping for an entire month over the fact that Derek left before he get's the text. one simple word and an address. Derek needs him, and he's not about to let Derek suffer without him being there. So of course Stiles goes to him, and with a little help from a few of his friends.

From that point on, Stiles doesn't know what he got himself into, but it sure isn't fun.


All Teen Wolf characters belong to Jeff Davis, obviously. Not me.  (:

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all I can think of is when phoebe rachel and Monica took chandler to a strip club when he broke up with Cathy
I’ll be back in a few days, I should be ready to handle this by then
Can I just Highfive the face...with a chair?😐
Am I the only one who thinks wwe should check this info before we ride off into our death trap
I'm already crying and it's only chapter one ugh why you gotta do this to me
Is it just me or can you not be bothered with Charlie right now?!