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Toasted Watermelons [GirlxGirl]

Toasted Watermelons [GirlxGirl]

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ANNA By Wrigley Completed

Lae (Laeton) Becker is a 16-17 year old Lesbian who like's to think of her self as 'One Of The Guys' she's been unsuccessful in relationship's since most of her town are Tiger/Lion Shifters and have mate's, so of course all of them are straight... But Laeton feel's that something's different with her, she believe that her mate doesn't have to be a guy. It's very unusual for Shifters to even become attracted to the same gender, since Fate always matched a girl with a boy... But Fate decided something different for Laeton.

Jasmine Healer is like a bunny, shy, innocent and sweet when you meet her.. But as you get to know her she can be perverted and bad - Also a little prankster. Jazz act's like a kid most of the time, but can also act like a controlling, concerned, protective mother. She love's candy and can be hyper at time's, everyone love's her bright craziness.. Especially Laeton. When Jasmine meet's Laeton... She doesn't know the she's a girl and think's she's a boy.

No one know's Laeton's overload-crush on Jasmine but her best friend's, Jason, Kyle, Max and Derek, they all want her to win over Jasmine's heart.

But when Jasmine find's out about Laeton's secrets.....Will she accepted it? Or be disgusted?

*I really suck I descriptions...

pxpi_rose pxpi_rose Sep 18, 2016
I fr feel u I don't want to be a guy tho I love my self just the way I am sure there's a few things I want to change and I am but my gender is not one of them but I fr feel u
silvanax1 silvanax1 Jun 13, 2016
Only with your own bday, summer and Christmas/Hanukkah can a person be that specific without being a creep
Kk-Kayla Kk-Kayla Jun 30, 2016
Omg I hate when it's like 90 out and I have to spend it in class plus my school doesn't have air conditioning so it's hot, sticky, and muggy in my class all day. I HATE IT
lilgirl124 lilgirl124 Aug 02, 2016
Its official dis bitch is a creep and I just mate her wow new record ppl new record
love_shannon love_shannon Sep 02, 2013
Hahaha "hell to the hell to the no!!" This chapter make me crack up!!!XP
DanniSden DanniSden Dec 23, 2012
haha washing her mouth with soap, man this story is making me laugh off my ass as hell!!! good one Lae!!! =))))))