Funny Doctor Who Jokes

Funny Doctor Who Jokes

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Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Doctor...who! Haha I get it...

TRUST ME when I say the jokes in this book will be much better than that. A book full of jokes related to Doctor Who and its fandom.

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- - May 05
10 is my fave!!!! And technically River isn't a companion, she's his wife.
My fav doctor is 10th my fav companion is rose and my fave enemy is cybermen
Omg! We have totally the same ranking system of favourite Doctors. Also, River and Donna are my fav companions!!!!! What's happening?! 😂💖😂😂
here is my list:
                              10; 4; 11
                              favorite companion:
                              LELA! She is a savage (both actually and the other meaning)
                              Favorite creature:
10 used to be my favorite even before I started watching.
                              Then I got to season 6/7 and I was like oHHH MY BOYYYYYY DONT EVER LEAVE
DTAbbas DTAbbas Nov 08, 2016
My favorite is 10 ,my  favorite companian River ❤ 
                              I like the wepping angels