Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanfic

Everyone's Mate || EXO Fanfic

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~soojie~ By OffToNeverlandWeGo Updated 5 days ago

Park Jinhee is normal girl...well if you would call a former gang member, famous K-Pop idol, and a member of the supernatural normal. 

     Growing up with little to no knowledge of the supernatural world and no training whatsoever, she's vulnerable to many things. Not to mention the disappearance of her parents who were her only link to her mysterious world she supposedly belongs to. 

     The only thing she knows is that she has powers and there's other people out there like her, somewhere...right? Well, she might just find them at her new academy...and they might just be a certain group of boys. 

     Oh, did I mention she's the only girl in the supernatural world? I didn't? Well, now you know. 

     What will happen as she slowly begins to find out more about herself and what's been happening right under her nose that she's never noticed before?

Read to find out....


                             an exo fanfic

User_CMRC User_CMRC Sep 11
Mingook is a pretty long last name for a Korean person... Just saying... O.O
wolf_rock99 wolf_rock99 Oct 12
I you didn't say it was in a dark alley I still it was in a forest 😅
Yasss. BTS!!! My comment earlier was just a pure coincidence, because I can't even see the multimedia. 😂😂
mariavicq mariavicq Aug 10
When you are Starting To read the Whole Story again Because it is Just THAT GOOD 👌🏻👌🏻LOVE YOU AUTHOR-NIM
She could still floss while being late? She's a freakin Master Mind! 😂😱