Audrey's Sister (Carlos X Reader)

Audrey's Sister (Carlos X Reader)

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Kylee-Kat By Tae-hyung_Fangirl Updated Apr 29

(Y/n) is the sister of Audrey. Audrey is one year older than (Y/n). (Y/n) is finally old enough to start at Auradon. She can't wait to be along side her big sister she looks up to. Little did she know that the decendents of Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella, and Evil Queen would also be attending Auradon, and that her sister isn't so nice and perfect as she thought. 

(Hey, this is my first time writing a fanfiction, ever! So hope you enjoy! )
(I don't own Dependents or anyone in it. I also don't own you, cause Carlos does ≧▽≦ )
 ☡Also, very slow updates!☡

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ItzAnna18 ItzAnna18 Mar 03
Lot of sweet and sour lollies, iPhone X, headphones, laptop. THAT ALL!!
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No one's questioning that we're from a royal family, and we're eating chips. XD
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Cookies, knife (in case some bitches attack me), fake blood, human flesh, my puppy and exercise equipment
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I'M ALREADY EXISTING AND 8M TRYING TO KEEP IT IN SO MY MOM WON'T HEAR ME *screams of joy* (my scream is like a wolf that howls!)
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NOPE I CAN'T BE ON MY PHONE IN THE CAR....It make me feel sick
its_just_crystal its_just_crystal Jun 20, 2017
So, if Audrey is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty...
                              And I'm her sister...
                              Does that mean Briar Beauty is my sister, too???
                              (If anyone knows who Briar is I'll love you forever)