《Seven Days》

《Seven Days》

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TinkerBell2019 By TinkerBell2019 Updated Jan 30, 2016

《Original creator, Demons Requiem》
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[Credit to the manga this idea most likely came from]
>Seven Days by Tachibana

Uchiha Sasuke has the strange habit of dating anyone who asks him out for exactly one week, before breaking up with them on Sunday if he doesn't grow to love them. Then Uzumaki Naruto comes along, asking Sasuke out on a whim and never imagining that he would take him seriously. But Naruto isn't looking for a serious relationship - the only problem with that is Sasuke's perfect faithfulness as a boyfriend, and the slowly shifting emotions the week brings out in both of them. Just how long is one week? Certainly not long enough to actually fall in love in seven short days... Right?

MiracleLeona MiracleLeona 2 days ago
this is starting to remind me of the 'seven days' manga
                              is the plot made from the manga
There's the original manga Seven Days, also a movie they made adapting the story from Seven Days. (The movie's on YouTube BTW!!!!! I watched it and it's great) You should also credit the manga artist.
Miym_Uzumaki Miym_Uzumaki Sep 29, 2016
I_love_anime180 I_love_anime180 Jul 30, 2016
This is like that BL show called Seven days and if you don't know what BL is it is boys love
kutorii kutorii Sep 10, 2016
You should give credit to the original manga author that created "seven days"  its obvious that the person stole the idea from the manga smh
CrystalSnow17 CrystalSnow17 Dec 24, 2016
It's hard to imagine assume as the younger one.... dies that mean he is uke?😖😕