Impurity !! h.s. ✓

Impurity !! h.s. ✓

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"Say it again," he whispered lowly, green eyes an infernal shade.

"It doesn't change anything, Harry. No matter what, this isn't going to change anything."

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Paisley Winters seems to live in a rather perfect life. She has a job, great friends, a loving boyfriend, and goes to church every Sunday. But what happens when the loving boyfriend starts telling lies, and a mysterious boy named Harry Styles tries to force his way into her life?


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I feel like I've read this before but idk and it's messing with me 😐
alienharrry alienharrry Nov 12
jace is the name of the first boy i had a crush on and he dated my bff so what's good jace?
Once again, read the description, thought it was Harry Potter. I do this ALL the time!
Its really good! Keep up the good work :) I like the fan fic :)