The Girl at The Bakery

The Girl at The Bakery

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❝Thank you so much, what's your name?❞ The handsome dark brown haired guy who finally notices me asks. 

         ❝I'm just the girl at the bakery.❞ I smiled kindly at him and then left to go back to work. 

My name is Andrea Taylor Heightmore. And I work/live at the bakery. Well I live in an apartment above it with my best friend Mai who's a year older than me. But we've been friends for what feels like an eternity. 

The handsome guy who finally noticed me  is Peter Greene. And he's the guy that me and every girl in the whole school population has a crush on. I have three classes with him and two involve me sitting behind him and one class to where I'm  sitting next to him. 

And here's our little story on how we became a couple.