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Jasper and Rose have been blissfully married for three years; three years spent sharing the wealth and excitement of an empire they created together. In that time, they lost sight of each other and what they needed. Shortly after their third wedding anniversary, during which they agreed returning to lives of independence was best, they divorce. However, their union is never over, never completed, and far from finished.

A/N: October 2017 Update - Thank you to everyone who has read, voted for, and commented on this story. Unfortunately, it has been found on mirror sites! The only thing I can do to protect my work right now, and still give you an opportunity to read it, is to make all subsequent chapters private (chapter one is public). I hope those of you who are interested in the story will continue reading it. Thanks for understanding.

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I have been a long time follower and I would - from time to time- reread what I've added to my list of perennial favorites. Can I still do that with Evermore? Aren't you going to get this published?
eva4242 eva4242 Oct 09
I honestly don't get it. How can they look and behave kinda normally and be somewhat happy with divorcing the person the still love. I would be crying ugly tears
                              what a way to start the story... 
                              but I'm lovin' it
kickrox805 kickrox805 Oct 08
This is a great great story!!! Couldn't put it down!! Great job. 💐💐💐💐
ayajack ayajack May 03
Okay just to make sure this ISNT the sequel of anything? Right?
What's happening? I remember having followed this story of yours and from memory, this was already completed. Do I remember correctly? I'm sorry, I must be going through memory gap!