It's Not Like That [COMPLETE]

It's Not Like That [COMPLETE]

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Scheherrezade Sylvestre Delistiér By faerieshrimp Completed

Gajeel regretted the words he said, but it's not like that. Unfortunately Levy heard those words. Can Gajeel clear up the misunderstanding? 

Gale/Gajevy fanfic. Enjoy :)

-I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters, for all of them belongs only to the great Hiro Mashima-san.

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                              How does fairy tail and fairytail fanfics make me laugh and cry?
                               Dem feels, man
IShipIt571 IShipIt571 Jul 05
Isn't Levy the smart one? She should try to understand the situation better?
Welp..not even that far into the story an already gajeel f*cked up :T
rockincat28 rockincat28 Feb 02
Punspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspunspuns*crack*PUNZ*shatter* well there goes the fourth wall.
AuriWind AuriWind Dec 12, 2016
I have had experience with the stupid feelings. Would you like us, your fans, to go and beat up Gajeel, only to have you to save him? ^~^
Mahiru0322 Mahiru0322 Jan 29
It's only the first chapter and Gajeel already screwed up...