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Josh Townley By JoshTownley Updated Mar 01

"Death, which had until now kept itself hidden behind shuttered window and bolted door, had broken free of its shackles and stepped out into the light to walk the world with them."

The plague struck quickly - a deadly virus that swept across the country, decimating the population within weeks. There was no time to prepare. No time to run. Barely time enough to say goodbye.

Only a small fraction survived the outbreak, but for them the true nightmare is just beginning. 
In a small rural community in Australia, sisters Meredith 'Merry' and Claire desperately seek a place of safety, to escape the rabid walking corpses of their friends and loved ones. But in this new world of horror and decay, the walking dead are not the only monsters to fear...
TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains scenes of self harm.
IMPORTANT: This story contains violence, gore, strong language and adult themes. Not recommended for readers under 15.

This story is a sort of prequel to my other novella, ZOEY (it spans roughly the same timeframe, and crosses over at several points), however it is a self-contained story, so you don't need to read ZOEY first.

Cover design by @shaetownley
using art by Vladimir Serov

ellabellaiom ellabellaiom Oct 08, 2016
That's amazing! I hope that doesn't mean it's over though aha
hfg_02 hfg_02 Oct 06, 2016
Holy crap!! that is sooooo cool!!! tell your wife I said she is awesome
This would be a really scary movie but in a good way. It would have millions of people viewing to watch it but they would have to wait for me to watch it first because this book will never become old it will get lots more reads. So please make more books😆😆😆
jcxvmg2004 jcxvmg2004 Oct 06, 2016
I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! Although I imagined the picture of Abigail to look different... But still it's a great book!
tamoja tamoja Oct 06, 2016
Holy cripes. Welcome to Hollywood!  This is phenomenal. I'm spellbound. I've watched it three times. If this were at the theatre I would line up the night before for tickets based on this. Whoa
carmenreyes102 carmenreyes102 Dec 23, 2016
I love it! If this becomes and ACTUAL movie that would be the most Amazing thing in the world I'd watch it over and over and over (repeat that like 10 mil more times).