Lead me  | bts + exo

Lead me | bts + exo

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❝I'm scared  ❞ 

❝ that just show biz,deal with it ❞

- caution (?) 
유 cringe scale 0-100 real fast. 
유 unrealistic ish goes on in this story so

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B9bangtan_Potato B9bangtan_Potato Oct 02, 2017
flashbacks to the days when i joined the fandom...prays for the normal me who died *amen*😂
Is the girl in the harem gonna be like those week ones who cause all the trouble and cry when something doesn’t go her way?
BtsAndSkittles BtsAndSkittles May 29, 2016
You can't do that in one night eonnie.. trust me, i tried it
ayegyo ayegyo Dec 12, 2015
An OOC means Out of Charcter. Wait so BTS is gonna like the girl and shes gonna choose someone ?
syeobie syeobie Dec 12, 2015
a harem us when many guys like one girl..you know like unexpected visitors
                              it's sad cuz the girl NEVER chooses any one :/
ayegyo ayegyo Dec 12, 2015
I have a question, whats a harem? Just asking cuz idk what that is